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Hello friends, and happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a good week and an even better weekend. Enjoy what's left of it. My husband is currently ensconced in his comfy brown friend (his recliner that dearly needs to be replaced), watching the Opening Day of Sunday football. That chair right now is his 'happy place.' When asked what sounded good for dinner, his reply was not a surprise. Without hesitation, his response was meatloaf.

Now, all you Meatloaf Haters out there, don't judge him. Mine is pretty tasty.

Not really caring whether the Bears or the Packers come out victorious, I chose to take my laptop, a tall glass of iced tea, and my dogs to my happy place. Let these pictures set the scene.

Picture me sitting on my wicker loveseat, the thick, comfy blue pads cushioning my backside. The late afternoon sun is shining in a cloudless sky. A cool breeze blows a strand of hair in my face.

The locusts (or whatever you call them where you live) are chirping in the trees. The cheerful shouts of neighborhood kids playing in the park drift through the air. My neighbor's sprinkler pelts the leaves on my tree each time it rotates in our direction.

And two crazy dogs are yapping their heads off as they chase each other with tennis balls in their mouth. It should be a crime how much noise they make.

Defendant #1

Riley Phoenix

DOB 6/4/2022

White & Chocolate Parti Mini Schnauzer

Guilty of:

Disturbing the peace

Tugging on her sister's tail

Stealing tennis balls

Being so stinking cute, you can't be mad at her

She is my Office Manager when I'm working in my outdoor workspace.

She cracks the whip and makes sure I get plenty of writing done.

Defendant #2

Finley Rumor

DOB 6/4/2022

White & Caramel Parti Mini Schnauzer

Guilty of:

Disturbing the peace

Biting her sister's ears

Carrying her pet rock around the yard

Being too smart for her own good

She is my personal assistant when I've chosen to work in my eco-friendly office.

She keeps me on task and makes sure I dot all the i's and cross the t's.

On this glorious late summer/early fall day (here in Illinois we're never really sure about the weather or the seasons because they can fool you), I had so many things I needed to get done, and my deck was the best place to concentrate and find inspiration. Much was accomplished so Riley and Finley declared it a successful afternoon.

Side Note: Our twenty-seven-year-old wooden deck is getting replaced by one built with that decking material that looks like wood, but you don't have to stain or seal it. I'm not sure who's more excited about this - me or the hubby.


I'm knee-deep in Round Two edits. Peggy, my editor, has been amazing. She's offered many great suggestions and has shown understanding and patience with this newbie to the publishing world. Once I've finished going through the entire novel addressing any suggestions and concerns, making corrections, and changing things I'm not happy with, it goes back to her for Round Three.

In the meantime, I've been looking into places to have the Launch Party this coming spring. Several interesting places are in the mix. One of my tasks this week is to have business cards made (everyone tells me I need to be handing them out anytime someone asks about the book), and I'm searching the internet for ideas for the book cover. I'll be working with the publisher's art department, but I have a clear picture of how I want it to look, so I need to have some examples ready to share. Cozy covers have a distinct look- always drawn (no photos of real people), bright colors, and hints of the mystery that lies within.

I don't have a release date yet, but I'll definitely let those who are interested know as soon as I know. I appreciate all the support and excitement being thrown my way. I can't wait for all of you to get your hands on the book.

Have a wonderful week. Take care of yourselves and find some time to enjoy a good book.


~~~There is no better place to be than between the pages of a book~~~

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