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Happy Memorial Day to you all and a special thank you to all the veterans for their service to our country. I realize this isn't a typical Memorial Day, and people are probably not enjoying the usual parades, picnics, pool parties, and barbecues with family and friends. I do hope you are finding some way to enjoy this beautiful sunny day (at least the sun is shining where I live) and mark the beginning of summer.

My dad and I went to the cemetery this morning to put flowers at my mom's grave. Instead of the yellow roses that were her favorite, I took a bouquet of lovely red roses and yellow lilies. Yes, there is a story there. Since our local florist is closed, my Shipt shopper had to get these flowers for me as she made my weekly grocery purchase. I asked her to look for yellow roses, and she tried so hard, bless her. She probably sent me pictures of every arrangement of flowers our grocery store had! She kept texting, "No yellow roses. I'm so sorry. Your mama should have her favorite." This woman's kindness toward a woman she'd never met touched my heart. During a time when there is so much going wrong in our country on this Memorial Day, she is a shining example of all the good that is still out there. For that Ms. Jasmine, I thank you.

In my novel, Murder By The Books, the main character is a lot like Ms. Jasmine. Jillian goes above and beyond to be kind to others and help those in need. She always tries to find the good in everyone. Sometimes that works out well for her, and other times, it blows up in her face. Today's teaser is a good example of this. Enjoy!

~~~As Moira prepared to leave, Ethan promised to call her with any information he could find out about Maggie’s adoptive family. Moira thanked both Jillian and Ethan for their help and asked Jillian to give Maggie’s co-workers her condolences. She hoped to meet them soon and see where her sister worked. Moira left Bryan’s office with assurances from Ethan that Maggie’s killer would be brought to justice.

Jillian had been touched by Moira and Maggie’s story. She felt really terrible for Moira’s loss both years ago and now. Jillian couldn’t imagine losing one of her sisters as Moira had. She hoped finding information about Maggie’s adoptive family would bring Moira some comfort.

“That is just such a tragic story, isn’t it?” Jillian asked Ethan who’d been sitting very quietly at Bryan’s desk since Moira left.

“So, you believe her?” Ethan asked her pointedly.

“Believe her? You think she’s lying?” Jillian asked incredulously. “So that’s why you were looking at her so strangely just a few minutes ago! You were suspicious of her story.”

“I’m not sure” Ethan responded. “There’s just something about that whole story that makes me question her motives. Call it a gut feeling. I mean it was weird. One minute she’s crying her eyes out over her long lost sister’s death, and then the next minute, she’s giving us an impassioned sales pitch about her business. It all just seemed strange to me.”

Ethan had been a cop for quite a few years, and he’d handled many cases. Jillian respected his instincts, but she had seen the grief etched on Moira’s face. Those tears had seemed genuine to her.

“You think she’s making this up?” Jillian asked Ethan. “Why would she do that?”

“No, I think the bulk of the story is probably true, but I just feel she’s holding back. I think she’s leaving out a few pertinent details, or embellishing a few facts. Maybe something that could break this case wide open.”

“I completely believed her story,” Jillian admitted. “But I also trust your instincts. If that woman was lying, she should win an Academy Award for her acting. She had me fooled.”

“Don’t beat yourself up Jilly. I just think something is off here. I can feel it. Her story sounded plausible, but my cop instincts are telling me not to trust her. This woman’s sudden appearance just days after her twin sister’s violent death has me wondering. Why is she really here and what, if any, are her ulterior motives?”

“I am impressed, Detective Harden. I just sat here soaking in every word she said and feeling sorry for her. But not you. You were sitting there being all analytical and rational. That’s what makes you a great cop, Ethan.”

Slightly embarrassed by Jillian’s praise, Ethan ducked his head and said, “I’m just doing my job.” ~~~

Who is right about Maggie's sister- Jillian or Ethan? I guess you'll just have to wait for my book to get published (hopefully sooner rather than later) to find out!

It's time to call this blog post finished, so I can start getting dinner ready. Please stay safe and healthy out there, and if you get the chance to spread a little kindness, be like Ms. Jasmine. I guarantee it will put a smile on someone's face. If you'd like to put a smile on my face, leave a comment and be sure to share my blog with all your friends!

Until next time,


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I'm so glad that Ms. Jasmine was kind and helpful! I'm sure Jan appreciated the flowers and your visit! She would have been the first one to tell you, "It's the thought that counts!" Jan is with us in many ways throughout the days. She sure raised a phenomenal daughter! :)



We need more Ms. Jasmines in the world! Wonderful that you took flowers today to a very special woman... :)

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