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Good afternoon, everyone! I know...another new post within just days of the last one. I hope none of you keeled over from the shock of it. LOL I'm not sure how many gentlemen read my posts, and I'm afraid today's is more pertinent to women. I apologize to any guys out there, but hope you'll still read to the end. Maybe you'll glean something that will help you relate to the important women in your life!

The term "aging gracefully" was brought up at my dog's vet appointment over a week ago by my wonderful veterinarian. Abbey is having a few age-related issues and he pointed out these things are perfectly normal. But he understands watching a pet you love "age gracefully" is a hard thing to do. Thank you for being so compassionate, Dr. B!

That got me thinking about the idea of "aging gracefully" as it applies to our lives.

Not only do we watch our beloved pets age, but we also have to watch our parents, siblings, and good friends deal with their own aging processes. As Dr. B said, "It's not easy to watch people/pets we love dearly age and lose some of their mobility, mental acuity, and zest for life. Just keep loving them as long as we can."

Then, of course, we must each face our own aging issues which in most cases are not pretty. For women, there's the unwanted growth of hair in places hair should not be growing. Then there's the weight gain and extra pounds that just will not come off no matter what you do. Let's not forget the changes in sleep patterns which are brutal and cause lack of energy and/or motivation. Oh and of course, the stiff joints and muscles every morning as you attempt to climb out of bed are no fun at all. I don't know about you, but I can give Snap, Crackle, and Pop (the Rice Krispie guys) a real run for their money in the sound effects department when I'm stretching and trying to stand up first thing in the a.m. And I won't even mention the big M word that I have yet to enter, but have heard from other female friends is a nightmare! I think it's safe to say "Aging gracefully" isn't for wimps.

So, if you've been following my posts, you know there is a 60+ female character named Aunt Grace in my books and she puts a whole new twist on this idea of aging. She's not afraid to wear bright colors and trendy styles even though others might criticize her choices. She's living her life to the beat of her own drummer and frankly, I hope to be like her as I continue down the aging path. Let's stop for a second and enjoy a quick "Aunt Grace moment".

~~~Jillian excused herself from the group to mingle with some of the guests she

had yet to speak with, but her mission was interrupted by her aunt.

“Everyone is loving your new store, kitten.” Aunt Grace whispered in her niece’s ear.

“I’m so glad we averted any problems tonight by taking care of that whole rather ugly issue

earlier today. Now, we can all just enjoy the evening.” Aunt Grace kissed her on the cheek

and drifted away in a swirl of cream silk and florally perfume.

Jillian smiled and watched her aunt sidle up to an older, distinguished looking

gentleman and place her hand flirtatiously on his arm. Oh boy! I think Aunt Grace has had

a few too many glasses of champagne. That poor man doesn’t stand a chance against the

charm and wiles of my Aunt Grace! ~~~

I think Aunt Grace makes 60+ years look pretty good. She is proof positive that aging doesn't have to be awful and I want to be like her when I grow up!

I will now attempt to stand up from the chair I've been sitting in for the last two solid hours (be thankful you're not here to watch this) and go let Abbey outside before the torrential rains begin. To all of you ladies, let's give ourselves a break when it comes to aging. We're all doing the best we can, right? Support your fellow aging females with love, empathy, and compassion. We're all going through it together, so build each other up with compliments. Let's be a support system rather than our own worst critics.

And if there are any gentlemen who stuck with this post to its end, there is something you can do for the women in your lives to make them feel better about aging. Give them compliments, remember to tell them you love them no matter what, and be sensitive to some of those female aging issues mentioned above. You do this, and I'm fairly certain the ladies will reciprocate and try to be more sensitive to some of your male aging issues.

So, have a great rest of your day, and let's all try "aging gracefully" together.

Until next time,


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Nailed it! I love how this post tied so closely to our last conversation. I’d like to kick the arse of whomever called these “the Golden Years!” LOL, jussssst kidding!

I only hope I age as beautifully as Aunt Grace. I try to look for the humor in the effects of “these Golden Years,” and I hope to share that humor with others who need it.


I loved this post! We can all aspire to be a little Aunt Grace in our golden years! She always makes me smile!

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