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Hello friends and readers! It's been 15 days since my last post, and I can only offer my deepest apologies. This thing we call LIFE has interrupted my usual routines, as I'm sure it has yours as well. I'm now attempting to teach from home using technology that I've not been adequately trained to use. I've nicknamed myself a "tech-know-nothing!" I'm certain our instructional coach is sick of getting emails from me asking, " just one more question." Sorry, but thank you Kathleen. You're the best!

I'm also preparing to bring my 85 year old father to live with my husband and I for an undetermined amount of time while he rehabilitates from a recent illness. Dealing with his medical needs and financial obligations, plus finding him a place to live when he's ready to be on his own again is a daunting task during this pandemic. Good thoughts and cyber-hugs are much appreciated.

Not suprisingly, it's been pretty quiet on the literary front these past few weeks. I'm assuming most agents are still working, but doing so from home. I have many queries out there I'm just waiting to hear from, and each day I open my email hoping for some good news. Last week, I received word from an agency that my writing/story was promising and my characters were authentic, but it just wasn't right for their "list". Sigh. I sure wish I could figure out the secret to getting on the list. There are currently 4 agents that requested to read my entire manuscript, which I think is a good sign. But weeks and even months later, I've heard nothing. Once again, I'm learning that patience really is a virtue- one that I'm finding extremely difficult and tiresome. Maybe someday soon, I'll have good news to share with all of you, so stay tuned.

My phone is blowing up with texts and emails from work, so I'm going to have to cut this short. Please stay safe and healthy out there. Enjoy this time with your families and make some special memories. Then something good witll have come out of this whole mess.

Don't forget that I'd love to hear from you. Log on to my website, leave me a comment, and I promise I'll get back to you. A new exerpt from my novel coming soon!

Until next time,


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2 comentarios

Great to see you back at it. Have you looked for agents on LinkedIn, or are you using more traditional resources?

Me gusta

Great to see you back at it. Have you looked for agents on LinkedIn, or are you using more traditional resources?

Me gusta
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