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Hello all and I hope you're doing well. To those who have been here before, I thank you for coming back. If this is your first visit, I'm so glad you decided to check out my blog. I began this website a few months ago to share my writing, my thoughts, and my journey (hopefully) to becoming a published author. I've written a mystery/romance called "Murder by The Books" which is just the first in a series I’m working on writing. I've also recently finished my first children's book which I've begun to query to agents; and in the works are two more children's books, a funny memoir about my teaching career, and book two in the series.

Yes, I am working on many projects; and someone asked me how that works. "Doesn't it get confusing writing so many different books all at the same time?" My answer is not really. Each WIP (that's literary speak for work in progress) is so different that it's easy to keep them straight; and I have a system. Each morning, I make a to-do list of my writing goals for that day. I set a goal for each project like finishing a certain number of pages or a chapter. Another goal might deal with editing a chapter or reworking my latest query letter. And I keep copious records- spreadsheets have become my new best friend.

This week, however, I've struggled to focus on those daily writing goals. They've become a bit less important in light of recent events in my family. We lost my father-in-law just a few days ago, and his passing has left me less than motivated to write. He was a wonderful husband, devoted father, and doting grandfather who loved his family and God above all else. He was a hardworking man his entire life because providing for and taking care of his family was a responsibility he took very seriously. He instilled that sense of family and hard work in his oldest son, my husband. I will forever be grateful to my father-in-law for his hand in shaping the man I fell in love with and have now (as of yesterday) been married to for 32 years.

I wanted, maybe even needed, to find a way to share how much this man meant to all of us. I hoped to honor him in a special way, so I did what I always do when I feel the deep need to express myself- I write. This is for you, Ron.


Like the trunk of a tree standing straight and tall,

Providing protection when hard winds blew,

Always steady during storms,

Holding up his family.

STRONG-that’s how he’ll always be in my mind.

Like the heavy axe he once swung,

Protecting his city and saving lives,

Answering the call to serve and protect,

Holding up his community.

STRONG- that’s how he’ll always be in my memory.

Like a great stone pillar guarding a fort,

Protecting those he loved fiercely,

Supporting and caring with all his might,

Holding us all up.

STRONG-that’s how he’ll always be in my heart.

I think I’m done for today. Thanks for indulging my poetic side-I promise to get back to more teasers from my book next time. Hug your loved ones a little tighter and never waste a moment worrying about the small stuff.

Until next time,


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