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Good evening all! I hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy as we continue to practice social distancing. I'm sure you've all found a new routine and perhaps a new normal for your families. As many of you know, I'm a third grade teacher, so I'm trying to figure out this remote learning business which is now a part of my new normal. We're still waiting to hear if our school year is done, but our governor doesn't seem to be in any hurry to make a decision. The wheels of government turn slowly.

This extended break from school has given me what my teacher friend Tracey and I like to call "summer brain." That's when you have a hard time recalling simple words, your attention span is no more than 10 minutes, and you really have no set schedule so you do things at a leisurely pace, It feels like that right now as our spring break has gone from one week to at least six. The wheels turn slowly during summer vacation.

Many of you also know that my dad is currently living with my husband and I as he recuperates from pneumonia, and I prepare his new apartment at an assisted living community. I've been busy contacting his pension systems, banks, credit card companies, and even On Star. I was on the phone with a representative from On Star for almost an hour today to make a few minor changes in his account. The wheels of big business turn slowly.

This week, I finally heard from an agent that had requested my entire manuscript back in February of 2019. Yes, I have the year right. She took almost fifteen months to tell me my book was "not right for her list right now, sorry." Really? It took her 15 months to read my 309 page novel only to tell me "sorry". All I can say is the wheels turn slowly in the literary world.

Now as always, here comes a little tease from my novel, Murder By The Books, and I do mean little.

~ Travis had followed Jillian into the kitchen while she arranged the flowers into a vase. He’d been keeping one eye on the dogs who were playing a rousing game of tug of war with a long, fuzzy, purple caterpillar. Abbey and Hayley worked in tandem on one end of the toy while Blaze held firmly onto the other. All three dogs were grunting and growling, tugging and pulling; while wagging their tails in pure joy.

As Jillian filled a lovely crystal vase with fresh water, Travis walked up and put his arms around her from behind. He brushed her hair to one side and placed a small kiss on her neck that sent chills down her spine. Then he whispered, “I’ve been thinking about kissing you all day, and I just couldn’t wait until the end of the date. Hope you don’t mind.”

Jillian turned within his arms, smiled up at him, and put her hands on both sides of his face pulling him in closer. She lightly touched her lips to his and whispered, “I don’t mind one little bit.”

Travis needed no further invitation to pull her in tightly and deepen the kiss. They stood there for several moments locked in an embrace, when they both realized three pairs of beady brown eyes were watching them. Travis and Jillian looked toward the door, and there sat Abbey and Hayley with their new friend, Blaze, in the middle. The three canines were staring at their humans each with their heads cocked to one side with puzzled looks on their furry faces.~

After that little interlude, I'm sure you would agree that Jillian and Travis are glad the wheels of romance don't have to turn slowly! Wink, wink.

That's it for tonight, friends. Please stay safe out there, and don't forget to leave me a comment. Several people asked if it was okay to share my blog with others, and my answer is a resounding yes! Spread it far and wide.

Until next time,


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