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Happy Friday and I hope all of your weekends are off to a great start! My husband and I are staying in tonight-probably ordering a pizza-and watching the Cardinals beat the Reds (hopefully). However you choose to kick off the weekend, please do it safely and responsibly.

When I first decided to build a website and start writing a blog, I worried about what I would write and whether or not people would want to read it. I'm still not sure there are many people reading my posts, so I'm trying to figure out how to grow a bigger base of faithful followers (I do thank the few followers I have-you guys are great!). But I have conquered the problem of what to write about. Once again, I remembered the advice given to me by a wise English teacher I deeply respected. She said, "Write what you know. Write what you care about. Write everyday. Write what you'd like to read." Well, that advice has gotten me through 2 adult novels and one children's picture book, so I'm going with it for this blog, too.

I remember vividly where I was 19 years ago on this day when news of the terrorist attacks on our country occurred. I was in my classroom preparing for a normal day when my co-teacher and I were given the news. From that moment forward, the day was anything but normal. I was thankful my husband was not on duty, so I knew he was safe. But I worried for his brothers who were working that day. No one knew if more attacks were coming in other areas of the country.

As we learned more and more about the attacks and the tragic loss of innocent American lives, I couldn't help but think of my fellow firefighter wives who would never see their husbands walk through the door again. Then, I thought of the police officers' wives who would never hear their husbands voice. Then, I thought of all the civilians who would never get the chance to hug their loved ones for a final time.

For months after the 9/11 attacks, our country pulled together and showed what true American patriotism looks like. We stood together and denounced the terrorists. We banded together to support those who lost so much in the attacks. We showed our appreciation for our first responders with our words and our actions. And now, 19 years later, I'm left wondering what happened to that patriotism, unity, and compassion for one another. We could sure use a big dose of all that now as our country struggles.

So instead of my usual book teaser, I'd like to share something else I wrote years ago shortly after that fateful day.


Wearing his uniform proudly, he leaves for work

Kissing his wife and kids goodbye.

She whispers in his ear-be safe and come back home.

We'll be waiting for you.

The alarm sounds, he jumps on the truck.

Answering the call to save lives.

Their photo tucked inside his helmet, he remembers

We'll be waiting for you.

Black smoke fills the morning sky

Flames rage as the towers burn

People crying out for rescue

They're waiting for him.

Rushing into fire and smoke

Feeling the building shake and tremble

He thinks of his wife and kids.

And he knows-

I'll be waiting for them.

Once again, thank you for indulging my attempts at creativity. I don't think it's my best piece of poetry, but at the time, it spoke to me as I hope it speaks to you now.

Our dinner has arrived and I've taken enough of your time on a Friday night. Enjoy your weekend, try to relax, and if the opportunity arises-tell our first responders thank you for being willing to risk their lives for us every time they put on their uniforms.

Until next time,


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Heartbreakingly beautiful. May all of those families find peace and love. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute.

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